BF Browser (Betfilter for iOS) – Installation Guide.


Betfilter for iOS is built in a specific way (as a standalone filtering-browser), due to restrictions set by Apple Inc. This means that in order to be protected from online gambling on your iPhone or iPad device, you must agree to following terms for proper use:

  1. The BF Browser will become the only browser on your phone.
  2. For proper protection from Online Gambling Sites, you need a friend to assist you after installation of BF Browser.

How to properly install BF Browser

Delete any existing Gambling Applications and 3rd party installed on your iOS device. This is done by holding your finger on the App-icon and pressing the delete-icon on the top-left corner of the App-icon. (when it shakes)
Find BF Browser on the App Store and download it to your iPhone or iPad.
Choose and Pay for a Subscription Period. (3 months, 6 months or 12 months)

Have your friend activate “RESTRICTIONS” under “SETTINGS” on your iPhone or iPad. When activated you will be required to enter a password twice. It is VERY IMPORANT, that you have a friend or family member set the password, without you seeing/knowing it.


When still under “Settings” and “Restrictions”, deactivate the following features under “Allow

  • Safari
  • Installing Apps
  • Deleting Apps


CONGRATULATIONS! You are now able to freely browse the internet on your iPhone and iPad, without the danger of being able to access gambling sites.

IF you do come by a gambling site when browsing, you will from now on, see the following message…