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Users Are Saying…

“After spending a few hours reading posts and installing BETFILTER on my computer I finally went to bed. And this morning, for the first time in a long time, I woke up with a sense of hope.”
JJBench, Post on Gambling Therapy Forum
“Two days ago, i put on my PC and it does work well. I haven´t known any ways to get around it as i did to XXXXXX, i really feel like a heavy burden lifted from my heart.”
Nevergambleagain, Post on Gambling Therapy Forum
“Ive used Betfilter the last year. It just refuses to load the site and will exclusively block sites where gambling can be done and nothing else.”
Tommy H, Post on Gamcare Forum
“After installing Betfilter on my laptop, its been more than 8 days straight since I have last gambled. Feels great. There are times when I want to open up Pokerstars but the software won’t let me and I will divert my attention to doing something else.”
Adsouza, Post on Gambling Therapy Forum
“I have betfilter it’s awesome! theres no way i can gamble at home anymore which is great!! Takes away that thought in the back of your head.. Shall I? Shan’t I.. NO I CANT!”
Stupidwastoftime, Post on Gamcare Forum